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American Talent Management (ATM) is an innovative entertainment and management company based in Los Angeles, CA. We pride ourselves on representing some of the most talented actors, writers, directors, creatives, and producers in the industry. 

Our firm also has a robust offering of production services that handles development, financing, execution, and sale (domestic & worldwide) of film, television, and new media projects. ATM also is in the process of working with both major and mini studios to produce content, sell scripts, and source work for our clients. 


ATM works intimately with our clients and their projects to ensure excellence in quality and execution. We take wholistic care of our talent and fight for the best opportunities available.


We have proprietary means of finding new work opportunities before our competitors and are relentless in our pursuit of paying jobs and offers.

American Talent Management are actively seeking talented actors, writers, directors, and new projects.

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Question: Why is the USA flag in ATM's backwards?

Answer: In reference to how the American flag faces backwards on military uniforms, ATM’s flag logo has the “Union Field" (the blue box with fifty stars) in the highest position of honor, on the top right.


"Your authenticity and transparency is really what sold me into desiring representation from you. Brene Brown, one of my favorite authors, advocates for people who are able to "stand their own ground"; in that, they do not "puff up" to try to appear bigger or shrink down to make themselves smaller ... I hold genuineness as a high character value and would love to work with you. I can't wait for the future successes we experience."  


-  Warmly,  Maham Abid

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"I’ve been working as an actor in Hollywood for over a decade. In that time I have been represented by numerous boutique and major talent agents and managers. In only the first few months after signing with American Talent Managers, I have received more personal contact, better insight, and clearer strategic vision from them than I have from every other agency I’ve worked with combined. As an actor good representation means either success or failure in the chaotic world of entertainment. Ever actor longs for partners who not only see their potential but put in the work to help them realize it. ATM is with out a doubt a light-house for talent in the stormy sea that is the entertainment industry."  


-  Nathan Clarkson

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